Marquee Hire


From 3m wide to 20m wide with no limit on length

If you are unsure what you need, get in contact with us and we can advise you or even come for a site visit free of charge.

Our extensive range of marquees and experience includes;

Wedding and Parties
Exhibitions and shows
Coporate Events
Long and short term storage

Here is a list of our clear span sizes
(there is no limit of length)

3m wide - Main use is entrances to larger marquees or long walkways

6m wide - Mainly used in narrow gardens or for catering marquees

9m wide - Ideal for weddings or events up to 100 guests

12m wide -Wedding and events over 100 guests

15m wide - Weddings or events over 200 guests

20m wide - Main use is for large club balls , shows and schools where numbers are around 500 guests

Chinese Hat Pagodas
With a distinctive style the Chinese Hat Pagoda provides an attractive answer to providing cover for smaller areas.
Our sizes come in 4m , 5m and 6m